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2015 Faculty

Univ. of Colorado Boulder Campus

Prof. Martin Mason

Academic Director
Martin Mason
Prof. of Physics and Engineering, Mt. San Antonio College
M.S. Physics, UC Riverside; B.S. Math and Physics, UC Riverside

Prof. Cassandra Fallscheer

Associate Academic Director
Cassandra Fallscheer
Asst. Prof. of Astronomy, Central Washington Univ.
Ph.D. Astronomy, Univ. of Heidelberg; M.A. Astronomy, Wesleyan Univ.; B.S. Physics & Mathematics, Cal Poly SLO

Prof. Tracy Furutani

Associate Academic Director
Tracy Furutani '79
Science Instructor, North Seattle Community College
Ph.D. Geology, Univ. of Washington; B.S. Chemistry and History, Caltech

Ms. Joni Mauldin

Site Director
Joni Mauldin
High School Teacher, Socorro NM
B.A. Education, College of Santa Fe

Lead Teaching Assistant and Residential Mentor
Andrew Warren '09
Research Assistant, Reed Coolege
B.A. Mathematics, Reed College, 2014

Teaching Assistant and Residential Mentor
Reilly Raab '10
B.S. Physics, UC Santa Barbara, 2015

Teaching Assistant and Residential Mentor
Ioana Plesca '10
B.A. Physical Sciences, Cambridge Univ., 2015

Teaching Assistant and Residential Mentor
Isabella Sanders '11
Rising Senior in Applied Math, MIT

New Mexico Tech Campus

Prof. Adam Rengstorf

Academic Director
Adam Rengstorf
Assoc. Prof. of Physics & Astronomy, Purdue Univ. Calumet
Ph.D. Astronomy, Indiana Univ.; B.S. Physics, Binghamton Univ.

Prof. William Andersen

Associate Academic Director
William Andersen
Assoc. Prof. of Physics, Eastern NM Univ.
Ph.D. Nuclear Physics, MIT; B.S. Physics, Baylor Univ.

Ms. Leslie Clark

Site Director
Leslie Clark
Principal, Magdalena HS, Magdalena, NM
M.S. Science Teaching, NM Tech; B.A. Secondary Education / Science, Western NM Univ.

Adjunct Faculty for Programming
Aaron Bauer '06
graduate student in Computer Science, Univ. of Washington
B.A. Computer Science, Williams College, 2011

Lead Teaching Assistant and Residential Mentor
Elaine Johnson '05
B.A. Physics, Univ. of Florida, 2009

Teaching Assistant and Residential Mentor
Mathis Habich
Graduate student in Physics, Univ. of Colorado Boulder
B.S. Physics, Goethe Univ.

Teaching Assistant and Residential Mentor
Weishuang Xu '10
B.S. Physics, MIT, 2015

Teaching Assistant and Residential Mentor
Devin Whitten
B.S. Physics, Purdue Univ. Calumet, 2015