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2014 Faculty

Each SSP campus is staffed with an Academic Director and an Associate Academic Director (professional scientists and/or educators), a Site Director, and four teaching assistants. Many of the faculty are themselves SSP alumni. The faculty reside on the campus (TAs live in the student dorm) and are available to mentor, tutor, and discuss academic, scientific, residential and personal matters.

Westmont (CA) Campus

Dr. Tracy Furutani

Dr. Michael Faison - Academic Director
Director, Leitner Observatory, Yale Univ.
Ph.D. Astronomy, Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison

Dr. Cassandra Fallscheer - Associate Academic Director
Asst. Prof. of Astronomy, Whitman College
Ph.D. Astronomy, Univ. of Heidelberg, 2010
B.S. Physics & Mathematics, Cal Poly SLO, 2004

Barbara Martinez

Barbara Martinez - Site Director
Math teacher, Socorro Consolidated Schools, NM
M.S. Science Teaching, New Mexico Tech, 2006
B.A. Elementary Education, Univ. of Santa Fe, 1994

Teaching Assistants
Andrew Warren SSP '09
B.A. Math and Physics, Reed College, 2014

Daksha Rajagopalan SSP '07
B.S. Physics & Env. Studies, Yale, 2012

Christine Chang SSP '08
B.S. Chemistry, Caltech, 2013

James Chang SSP '09
B.S. Computer Science, Caltech, 2014

New Mexico Tech Campus

Dr. Michael Faison

Dr. Adam Rengstorf - Academic Director
Assoc. Prof. of Physics & Astronomy, Purdue Univ. Calumet
Ph.D. Astronomy, Indiana Univ., 2003
B.S. Physics, Binghamton Univ., 1996

Dr. William Andersen

Dr. William Andersen - Associate Academic Director
Assoc. Prof. of Physics, Eastern NM Univ.
Ph.D. Nuclear Physics, MIT, 1985
B.S. Physics, Baylor Univ., 1977

Leslie Clark

Leslie Clark - Site Director
Science Teacher, Magdalena HS, Magdalena, NM
M.S. Science Teaching, NM Tech, 2006
B.A. Secondary Education / Science, Western NM Univ, 1994

Teaching Assistants
Elaine Johnson SSP '05
B.A. Physics, Univ. of Florida, 2009

Rebekah Cramerus SSP '09
B.A. Linguistics/Russian and East European Studies, Pomona College, 2014

Aaron Lewis SSP '09
B.A. Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale, 2014

Michael Wagner SSP '09
B.A. Chemistry, Princeton, 2014