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Board of Trustees
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Board of Trustees

This is the governing body of the Summer Science Program. SSP is the only enrichment program managed and largely funded by its own alumni and former faculty.

Dr. Noël Bakhtian
Senior Vice President
Dr. Amy C. Barr
Dr. Janice L. Bishop
Richard D. Bowdon
Executive Director
David Dobrin
Dr. Douglas Duncan
Anna Heinz
Dr. Susan Jerian
Past President
Henry Lichstein
Richard Mathews
Michael H. McKay
Lissa Ong
Dr. Scott Pace
Harold C. Schloss
Dr. Daniel Seligson
Razvan Ungureanu

Stephen Cotler
Chair emeritus
Dr. David Pierce
Chair emeritus

Dr. Noël Bakhtian '00, Faculty '05 is a AAAS/ASME Science and Technology Policy Fellow for the US Congress. She completed a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University, researching supersonic retropropulsion for high-mass Mars landings. She holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from Duke University and a MPhil in Engineering from the University of Cambridge where she studied bird wing functionality using several wind tunnels. She chairs SSP's Alumni Relations Committee.

Dr. Amy C. Barr '94, Faculty '99-'00, '02 is an Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences at Brown University. Amy graduated from Caltech with a BS in Planetary Science and the Fritz Burns Prize in Geology, for future promise in the fields of geology and planetary science. She earned a PhD in Planetary Geophysics at the University of Colorado, Boulder, studying the interior evolution of icy bodies in our solar system. Dr. Barr worked as a research scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO from 2006 to 2011. She has served on the Caltech Undergraduate Admissions Committee and reviewed applications as part of SSP's own Admissions Committee.

Dr. Janice L. Bishop '81, Faculty '86-'87 received a BS in chemistry and MS in applied earth science (remote sensing) at Stanford University, followed by a PhD in chemistry and planetary geology at Brown University. She received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Humboldt Foundation to work at the DLR in Berlin, then came to NASA-Ames Research Center in 1997 as a National Research Council Associate. Dr. Bishop has been a Principal Investigator at the SETI Institute since 1999 with a Cooperative Agreement at NASA-Ames Research Center, where she investigates the surface of the planet Mars, and performs research on rocks and minerals important to astrobiology. One of her current projects is searching for water on Mars by identifying phyllosilicates and sulfates in the hyperspectral CRISM images collected by the MRO spacecraft.

Richard D. Bowdon '74 worked for two decades in the field of software applications for petroleum exploration. After earning a BS in Applied & Engineering Physics at Cornell, he returned to Midland, Texas as a Field Engineer with Schlumberger Well Services. Subsequently he managed the local office of a petroleum economics software firm, and prospected for oil & gas. In 1985 he founded Energy Software, Inc., designing and marketing a leading application for well data management and subsurface mapping. Mr. Bowdon left Texas and the petroleum industry in 1999, moving with his family to North Carolina. He became SSP Executive Director in 2001.

David Dobrin '66 owns a small consulting firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Dr. Douglas Duncan '68, Faculty '74-'76 is a faculty member in the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences of the University of Colorado, where he directs the Fiske Planetarium. Duncan earned his B.S. at Caltech and his Ph. D. from UC Santa Cruz. Dr. Duncan is the author of "Clickers in the Classroom," a guide to the powerful new technology that enables teachers to know what all of their students are thinking - not just the ones that raise their hands. He has served as National Education Coordinator for the American Astronomical Society. Duncan has authored over 50 refereed publications. In 2011 he received the prestigious Richard Emmons award presented to the "Outstanding Astronomy Teacher in the US." Dr. Duncan has led educational trips throughout the world to watch total eclipses of the sun and to see the northern lights.

Anna Heinz '98, Faculty '06-'08, '11 is a Registered Nurse in San Diego, holding positions at a community college health center, as a labor and delivery nurse, and on the clinical nursing faculty at the University of San Diego. She majored in Physics, German, and Religion at St Olaf College in Northfield, MN and went on to teach high school science in an underserved district in central California. While there, she developed an interest in health education and clinical care and decided to pursue a career in women's health. She studied nursing in upstate New York and then returned to California where she completed her MS in Nursing at San Diego State to become a Midwife and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.

Dr. Susan Jerian '79 is founder of Oncord, Inc. a consulting firm focused on assisting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies navigate the pathway to approve new medicines for a wide range serious diseases. A National Cancer Institute-trained oncologist, she was previously a Supervisory Medical Officer at the FDA and then served as Director, Clinical Oncology Research at Amgen, Inc. The focus of her career has been on the development and approval of new drugs for the treatment of cancer, many of which are in wide use today. Working side by side in the consulting practice with her husband, Dr. David Essayan, they have assisted over 100 companies world-wide. They are also parents of two teenage sons interested in science and who inspire them daily regarding the great learning and creative capacity of young scientists. An alumna of Occidental College and George Washington University, she maintains a deep interest and focus on improving science education in the US.

Henry Lichstein '60 is a venture capitalist and consultant to startups. He spent 30 years at Citibank, most recently as assistant to the chairman for internet activities, responsible for technology strategy and advanced development efforts. Mr. Lichstein has served on the Boards of Santa Fe Institute and Teradata (sold to AT&T in 1992). He was treasurer and governor of the New York Academy of Sciences for ten years, and served on the Higher Education Issues Panel of the Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities, and on the National Academy of Sciences' Committee to Study the Impact of Information Technology on performance of Service Activities. He holds BS degrees in electrical engineering and economics, and an MS in management, all from MIT. He lives with his wife in the Los Angeles area. His son Daniel attended SSP in 1988.

Richard M. Mathews '77 is Senior System Architect at Radian Memory Systems. He is a developer of embedded, real time, and distributed operating systems and storage products. Mr. Mathews was previously Chief Technology Officer of JMR Electronics and System Architect at Curtiss Wright, where he developed software and computer storage and processing components. Prior to that, at Sun Microsystems and Locus Computing Corporation, he led groups in kernel and device driver development for Solaris x86, ChorusOS, and AIX. Studying physics and astronomy at Caltech, Mr. Mathews searched for asteroids at Palomar and calculated orbits with famed asteroid hunters Gene Shoemaker, Glo Helin, and Bobby Bus. Mr. Mathews is also active in politics and serves on the Executive Board and Legislation Committee of the California Democratic Party and on the party's Los Angeles County Central Committee.

Michael H. McKay '78 is an Adjunct Professor at Brandeis International School of Business, where he teaches courses in finance. He is also an Advisory Partner at Bain & Company, Inc., a leading global strategy consulting firm. He holds an AB (magna cum laude) from Harvard College in economics, and an MBA from the University of Chicago, where he won the Mayer Prize as outstanding graduating student and the George Hay Brown Prize as outstanding marketing student. He retains a passion for astronomy as an amateur observer, and is passing this passion along to his three children. Mr. McKay lives in the Boston area.

Lissa Ong '99, Faculty '04-'05 earned a BA from Williams College in Astrophysics. Her research focuses on impact cratering on the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and icy satellites. She has run impact experiments at the Institute of Low Temperature Science at Sapporo University in Japan and simulated impacts at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She received an MS in Earth and Planetary Science at UC Santa Cruz and is currently working towards a doctorate at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona, where she models the effects of surface propoerties on impact cratering. She is the recipient of the UC Santa Cruz Chancellors Fellowship and the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Dr. Scott Pace '75 is the Director of the Space Policy Institute and a Professor of Practice in International Affairs at George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs. His research interests include civil, commercial, and national security space policy, and the management of technical innovation. He received a BS in Physics from Harvey Mudd College in 1980; MS degrees in Aeronautics & Astronautics and Technology & Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1982; and a PhD in Policy Analysis from the RAND Graduate School in 1989. Most recently a senior administrator at NASA Headquarters, Dr. Pace has served at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the RAND Corporation, the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Rockwell International's Shuttle Orbiter Division, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Harold C. Schloss '76 is a Vice President at Merrill Lynch in Beverly Hills, Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 360, mentor to FIRST Robotics team 1836, and on the board of B'nai David-Judea Congregation. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Physical Sciences from Harvard in 1981. After working on a communications system for NATO at Litton, he moved to a pacemaker company called Pacesetter Systems Inc. in 1983, developing embedded real time systems for programming pacemakers, and later managing developers of those systems. He left what had become the Cardiac Rhythm Management Division of St. Jude Medical holding 14 US patents and a number of foreign patents. In 2000 Hal moved to Merrill Lynch. He has a son at Johns Hopkins and a daughter at MIT.

Dr. Daniel Seligson '71 had a 17-year career at Intel that began before microcode was granted copyright protection and ended when GHz microprocessors were a commodity. During that time, he started the neural network group, coined the term Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography, wrote the specification for the industry's transition to 300mm wafers, and launched a startup in displays using Organic Light Emitting Diodes. In his second career, he has been an investor in more than 20 early stage companies. Dan holds a BS from MIT and a PhD from Berkeley, both in Physics. He and his wife Margaret have three young children and reside in Palo Alto, CA, and Block Island, RI. His niece, Elizabeth Epstein, attended SSP in 1999.

Razvan Ungureanu '01, Faculty '05-'07 earned a BA in English at Rice University, and then a law degree at the University of Utah. In between, he taught Chemistry and Physics at Gustine High School in California. Razvan has worked as a summer associate for Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll in Salt Lake City, UT and for WilmerHale in Washington, DC. Currently, he practices civil litigation with Smyser, Kaplan & Veselka in Houston, TX.