International Applicants

The process for international applicants (attending school outside of the U.S.) is the same as for U.S. students, but with an earlier deadline.  Please review the tips below to avoid common misunderstandings among international applicants:


  • Compare the international application deadline with your school’s calendar. Is there a holiday or other school break near the deadline? If so, obtain your teacher evaluations and official transcript before your school closes.
  • As explained here, for international students the financial aid application has the same deadline as the other parts.
  • Use the application status page to check receipt of your application parts, before asking whether we have received them.
  • For several days just before and after the deadline, we will be too busy organizing incoming applications to answer inquiries.

Official Transcript

  • An official transcript is a document created by your school(s), listing the courses you have taken, and the grades (marks) you have received.
  • We need that information for all high school courses, grades 9, 10 and 11, even if you attended those grades at different schools. If you changed schools, we need a transcript from each school.
  • Transcripts must be “official,” meaning printed and signed by the school. We prefer that your school send the transcript directly to us by email or courier. Alternatively, the school may print the transcript, seal it in an envelope, and give it to you to send to us by courier. Do not email the transcript yourself; that would not be “official.”
  • If your transcript does not include your current coursework in progress, you must send that, including any grades received this school year. You may send that report directly to us by any method; it need not come from the school.
  • Cambridge exam scores are not a transcript.

Test Scores

  • Your application can be complete without test scores; we do not require any standardized test such as the SAT or ACT. However, without them it will be harder for us to have high confidence in your preparation relative to other applicants.
  • SAT, ACT, and TOEFL scores are particularly helpful.
  • The form asks for “other” test scores. Only report science or math scores.
  • Include results from national or international competitions related to science or math, but not competitions local to your school or region.