Fee and Financial Aid

The 2017 program fee of $5,450 is all-inclusive except for transportation, covering room & board, tuition, and all supplies for 39 days and nights. We spend $3,000 per student more than that – every student is subsidized by donations from alumni, former faculty, parents of alumni, and other friends of SSP.

If the fee is more than your family can afford, don’t be discouraged. It is free to apply, admission decisions are need-blind, and we award generous financial aid up to the full program fee plus $500 airfare. If you attend school in the U.S., your parent may wait to see whether you will be admitted before applying for financial aid. (International applicants must apply for aid by the application deadline.)

About 40% of participants receive financial aid, including some who attend absolutely free. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we can commit to making SSP affordable for every admitted applicant regardless of family income.

My mom applied for financial aid because my sister was about to start college. The grant you provided made it possible for me to attend SSP. And I’m glad I did! All the work, memories, and emotions I experienced made it the best summer of my life.”

Financial Aid applications may be mailed or emailed to the address on the bottom of the financial aid form.
Financial Aid Application
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